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  • 1. Bulgaria

    Dedicated to Connor Robinson Walsh

    Take me far away from this golden yellow Sun
    I need to be somewhere cold and dark
    take me to the mountains on the icy northern coast
    I see a ship I think that we should just embark

    i wake up in the morning and my toes are warm and red
    and in the Sun these messy streets seem at peace
    but I miss my endless grey, I miss the numbness in my feet
    and the necessary extra layer of fleece

    so take me to Bulgaria

  • 2. Beautiful Mess

    when you've rounded up all your lost dogs
    I'll be waiting for you
    when you've plucked all the petals from my head
    I'll be waiting for you

    I have seen your face as I've dreamed at night
    I still dream now
    some mirage does make me feel like straw
    I saw you smile

    don't beat round the bush, your kiss makes me rush
    I'll be waiting for you

    I was made of stone, I saw cloudless clear
    have you made up your mind?

  • 3. How to Be

    I’ve been uptown, I’ve been downtown
    I been cruising through this cold
    and I’ve been keeping up on daylight
    and I’ve been crushing lead to gold

    We took long walks, all through green parks
    but my heart was heavy still
    cause I’ve been slowing down at twilight
    with my wine on window sills

    cause I need to know how to be
    on my own before I can love

    I feel momentum, when I’m sleeping
    when I singing something new
    cause I’ve been coasting down these soft hills
    and I’ve been speaking only truth

  • 4. Winter

    Dedicated to a really great paragraph in Marilynne Robinson's "Gilead".

    In the Summer I’d always forget
    how long it would be cold and wet
    but my mother would unload the chest
    of old winter coats and vests

    in the winter

    we’d jar up the fruits and rice
    we’d split wood and set traps for mice
    and we’d frown when the air hinted cold
    as if the hot nights had made us less bold

    in the winter, we’d all be lost for a little while

    in the mornings I’d walk all through town
    when the Sun and shop gates were still down
    and I’d wear layers and layers and more
    and a knit mask so my cheeks stayed warm

    I see you there rounding a bend
    no air do your soft steps offend
    and your skin looks so warm and bright
    as if Winter were nowhere in sight

  • 5. Good News

    Slowly it seemed,
    that the jagged streets and the frowning signs were home
    Those days out on bikes,
    and nights of bliss and hunts for things unknown

    And the moment when your hands grew cold
    and that inner voice diffused
    that is when the world snuck in
    and warmed you with good news

    have you heard that life is light
    and moves like breath in air
    if you try to snatch it up
    it just sighs without a care

    were you in awe?

    out in the Sun,
    the Winter seemed to have lost its stubborn mood
    we lived two days in one,
    and seemed to float on air, all our heavy layers removed

    and we strung on our little perch
    a strand of golden lights
    I recalled all my states of grace
    how the lined up few but bright

    in the dark the buildings loomed
    like monumental ghosts
    but in the day those skyscrapers
    were helpless things at most

    were you in awe?

    will I hold my own
    or is my fall in stone
    does a light wind blow
    a blessed wind that knows?

    when it seemed it was nearly time
    to fold and phone once more
    I felt a strength that sails alone
    and calls the sea its shore

    and at last yes I could see a peak
    rising from the sea
    I let the air wash through my soul
    and finally was free

  • 6. So Long, Goodbye

    So long, Goodbye
    my sweet boy don’t you cry
    though my eyes may never dry
    so long, goodbye

    we’d pack your things and go
    we’d bundle up for snow
    and lead you to your day
    though by then you’d learned the way

    we loved your light brown hair
    but this is far too much to bear
    and I’ll bundle up for snow
    though if it’s cold I’d never know

  • 7. Loud as War

    Dedicated to the memory of Allen Pechter.

    I felt it boil in my throat
    when I felt like and empty tie and coat

    it took me over, that beautiful grief
    it blew me over like a careless pile of leaves

    it's strange to think that the day before
    I could hardly hear it but now it is loud as war

    I'm often held by that beautiful grief
    and the way sorrow thrashes and churns up in me

    when i hear music or read a line
    I may be shaken or remember some sorrow of mine

    a sadness fills me, I'm lucky to breathe
    it vibrates through and spills out in songs like these

  • About

    Welcome to Philadelphia: dead grandfathers and young children, lonesome streets, unseasonable weather, ghosts of shitty love and the feeling of finally enjoying being single.

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    Recorded by Snagwing in their bedroom without air conditioning.

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