• 1. All Ears

    the days have grown long
    you can see the light stretch thin
    and i'm singing that lonesome song
    that occupies my mind

    so how have you been?
    have you held out this whole time-
    though the wind's been a sharpened knife
    that grazed across your skin?

    now i'm all ears
    please tell me your nonsense fears
    and let all those long due tears
    run free

    but where is my spring?
    i'm cold and i'm crazy
    and i hear that a brand new storm
    will need a place to stay

    but some fine day
    the sun will be a-okay
    you know i'll be kept up late
    from the heat

    there is a place
    where you always call my name
    and i slowly lose my face

    now i'm stuck in between
    needing this silence
    and fearing that lonesomeness
    that breaks me before dawn

    so bear with me
    my heart is as weak as tea
    there's no place i'd rather be
    than alone with you

  • 2. Shoot Shoot

    rolled up to you
    shoulda been a short trip indeed
    but i took my time and time it took from me

    far down the road from it all
    getting kinda old, oh but i heard revenge is a song best sung cold

    shoulda been a shoot shoot and roll
    roll away

    i've held a grudge or maybe two
    but wouldn't change a thing
    cept for waiting on you to make my doorbell ring

    stayed much too long
    shoulda been long gone and free
    tried to pull off a job but a job was pulled on me


    i've had a few in my day whose time i took
    yes i read my lines exactly from the book

    but you held me up at gun point
    my back was turned

    oh forget a woman scorned i'm a man spurned

  • 3. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

    written by Robert Robinson

  • 4. Honey Bee

    long for thee
    oh my sweet honey bee
    you bring my lips all to spring

    you've planted a seed
    you have met every need
    now what can yours truly bring?

    cause in a garden i'm useless and shy
    and in love i'm tangled as vines

    I long for thee
    oh my sweet honey bee
    but on your love can i truly rely?

    in a dream i saw a spider
    high upon my wall
    spinning web to catch me to eat

    so i turned right around
    kept my wings on the ground
    cause i know i'm nobody's meat

    but i'm longing for love like i'm sick
    but i'm flinching for some kinda trick

    oh you offer your hand
    but just like a man
    my skin has grown oh so thick

  • 5. Belong to Me

    the wind bustled through my hair
    where we were driving, don't know, don't care
    i was glad to have made some friends
    to feel a car purr and heave round bends

    and the light of the sun had an ease
    all yellow and long through the trees
    and we parked on a slope of grass
    but this does not, no it does not
    belong to me

    we slept in a tree in the woods
    and woke when those strange birds said we should
    i stumbled through a simple round maze
    feeling the weight of my own sticky gaze

    and the fire glowed orange at night
    throwing up soot and smoke in our eyes
    and the lake was suspiciously still
    but this does not, no it does not
    belong to me

    we were poised on our bikes as on toys
    peddling homeward like cold little boys
    i could see myself scanning it all
    as if i could keep everything i could recall

    but it slipped through my hands like a rope
    oh that presence that keeps us afloat
    and i chase down these but in vain
    because they do, no they do not
    belong to me

    in the night after having our fill
    i held you so close until
    i felt a seed of that fear, yes i know
    you'dve held on and never let go

    so faced with this naked fear
    i let it go, let all disappear
    but i'll hold on now so long
    so that you will
    belong to me

  • 6. It Could be Worse

    woke up in bed, nearly 3am
    thunderstorm brewing broke my REM
    million little things part of one big curse
    but god forbid it could be worse

    its stacked against me like a house of cards
    its always watching me like prison guards
    but i got my baby, and she comes first
    so god forbid it could be worse

    it could worse, oh god forbid it could be worse

    try to find the silver lining in these clouds
    try to see the souls in these angry crowds
    try to fill my heart before i die of thirst
    but god forbid it could be worse


    i'd like to sleep with you all morning
    and keep these covers covered shut
    and leave the world all to its burning
    and break myself free of this rut

  • 7. Home at Last

  • 8. Wounds

    when we opened up all my wounds again
    i felt it burn where the blade had been
    still i need to know

    she didn't know what her words meant
    but they drilled a hole in my firmament
    and i heard them all

    am i free to go?

    when she found my room, all in a daze
    i made her cringe in a thousand ways
    but i was so alone

    am i free to go?

  • 9. Music Box

  • 10. Blood

    every so often i
    get a feeling down in my wretched bones

    i'll see a fine set of teeth
    set of skin and bones and flesh all flowing blood

    and i'd like to see her blood all flowing red, oh no

    the only thing i regret
    is i'm the one who's letting this take hold of me

    i'm the one who comes out late at night
    the one who stares out silently from in my skull

    and i'd like to see her blood all flowing red, oh no


    when you're sleepy
    from such a long week i will
    lay by softly and breathe in your peace

    there's a smile brewing on my lips for you
    as you speak out nonsense from your dreams

    where i've written myself into the margins
    and you read through these new lines in full faith with due form

    and i'm moved by you steadfast on a small boat where i'm so fast
    just to be free from the world where i feel shame to lead you

    to a fresh one where I am he who you see when you see me

    so let not these nightmares
    disturb your soft slumber
    they're all bone and no heart
    they're all talk and no start
    they're all coal and no steam
    they're all rock and no stream

    every so often i get a feeling down in my wretched bones

  • About

    Orpheus looked back.

  • Credits

    Recorded by Snagwing in their living room, an elementary school basement, and a few other weird locations.

    Cameron DeWhitt - Banjo on "Honey Bee"
    Dane Galloway - Piano on "Blood"
    Kirk Kubicek - Additional Drums on "Blood"

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